What If I Get a Git Merge Conflict?

Some times, we don't even want to merge, because we know it will happen


What If You Knew Exactly Who Changed What, and Why?

You could merge swiftly, with confidence. And get on with your actual work.


What If You Didn't Have to Dig for Answers?

You wouldn't have to look at all those older commits. Because only the actually relevant changes bubble up.

A Bonus

What If You Didn't Have to Write Git Commit Messages?

You could let the computer review what you've done, and make a suggestion. Or several, until you get one you like.

Gitonium is generating a commit message

Customer Review

Great! ★★★★★

It makes me look pro without the effort!by BoredBobby555 – Sep 22, 2023

Customer Review

WOW ★★★★★

Never thought git app can be so fun. AI to write my commit messages, so no more "update" commits. I think everyone will be happy I am using this :)by emin_ui – Aug 29, 2023

Solving a Conflict

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